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House Hearing on U.S. EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Research in Pavillion, WY

By Greg Russell

We thought you might be interested in the testimony at a recent House Subcommittee hearing on U.S. EPA's hydraulic fracturing research in Pavillion, WY.  For example, from Tom Doll, State Oil & Gas Supervisor, Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission:  "The Pavillion Draft Report was issued with incomplete data and technically inadequate conclusions.  There was no opportunity to review and verify the data by Wyoming state agencies. The data was not verified by further testing or vetted through a peer review process. Based on a limited sampling and an inconclusive data set from Pavillion Wyoming ground water, EPA’s conclusion is now national and international fodder for the hydraulic fracturing debate. Now the quality of the hydraulic fracturing debate suffers and the EPA’s science itself is questioned."

For more, see here (including video).

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