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OEPA Guidance to Public Water Systems Re: Furnishing Water to Oil & Gas Companies

By Kristin Watt

Yesterday, OEPA issued a new Fact Sheet as guidance to Public Water Systems (PWS) before they enter into contracts to provide/sell raw or finished water to oil and gas companies. The fact sheet reminds PWSs they have an OEPA approved capacity for their public systems and need to protect that capacity for their public customers, and not exceed their approved capacity. In addition, there are guidelines for when a back flow device is needed for physical connections to a PWS to protect the water source from contamination. If a PWS wants to install a new bulk loading station, they probably will have to submit plans to OEPA for approval as such a project might be considered a substantial change to the PWS trigging the requirement to obtain plan approval under OAC Chapter 3745-91. OEPA also requests the PWS notify the OEPA district office of water sales to oil and gas companies where the water will be used for hydraulic fracturing.

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