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EIA Reports

By Greg Russell

We thought you might be interested in the following reports prepared by the Energy Information Administration (EIA):

  • Record production, potential for continued storage injections:  "Record high natural gas production this year is helping to ensure that adequate supplies of natural gas are available, after ending last winter with the lowest storage inventories since 2003. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that for a nation that uses natural gas to heat half its homes and generate a quarter of its electricity, there will be 3,532 billion cubic feet (Bcf) in storage by October 31."
  • Japan continues to import record volumes of LNG:  "Japan's imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) remained at a near-record average of 11.85 billion cubic feet a day (Bcf/d) in the first eight months of 2014, according to recently released trade statistics from Japan's Ministry of Finance. Increased LNG imports are occurring amid continued shutdowns of nuclear power plants following the March 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the subsequent increased use of fossil fuels in power generation."
  • Some Appalachian natural gas spot prices are well below the Henry Hub national benchmark:  "Some natural gas prices at trading hubs in the Appalachian Basin's Marcellus Shale play are trading well below the national benchmark spot price at the Henry Hub in Louisiana. Over the past month, spot prices at many Appalachian hubs have dropped below $2 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) on days of low demand, while spot prices at Henry Hub and throughout much of the United States have traded near $4/MMBtu. However, prices at one Appalachian hub, the TCO Pool, which has the ability to back out deliveries from Gulf Coast sources and has pipeline connections that provide access to multiple markets, has maintained close parity to Henry Hub prices."


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