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800-MW Gas-Fired Power Plant Planned for Lordstown, Ohio

By Ilya Batikov

Clean Energy Future Lordstown LLC plans to build a natural gas-fired power plant in Lordstown, Ohio by mid-2018. The Business Journal has the details:

[T]he project, which would be privately funded, as an “800 megawatt gas fired, combined cycle power station” that will replace “regional electricity capacity” once coal-fired generating stations go offline. “The project will consist of two gas-fired, high efficiency combustion turbines with two heat recovery steam generators and a single steam turbine,” states the notice. “The generating station will be interconnected to the proximate 345 kV transmission corridor (highland-Mansfield; and Highland Sammis circuits), about 0.5 mile from the generating facility.”

* * *

Some 550 construction workers would be employed to build the plant, Hill says, and about 30 full-time workers, sharing an annual payroll of $3.2 million, would operate it.

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