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Supreme Court of Ohio To Hear Oral Arguments On Oil and Gas Issues

By Ilya Batikov

The Supreme Court of Ohio will hear oral arguments in three oil and gas cases this week. On Tuesday, January 5th, the Court will hear Lutz v. Chesapeake Appalachia, L.L.C. This case concerns the question of whether Ohio follows the “at the well rule” or the “marketable product rule” regarding the deduction of post-production costs. Click here to read the briefs and other filings in this case.

On Wednesday, January 6th, the Court will hear oral arguments in Albanese v. Batman and Lipperman v. Batman. In these cases, the Court will consider whether the recording of an out-of-state will is a "title transaction" under the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act. Click here and here to read the briefs and other filings in Albanese and Lipperman.

You can watch the oral arguments live at the website of The Ohio Channel.

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