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Governor Kasich Signs Executive Order for Implementation of Oil and Gas Emergency Notification System

By Ryan Elliott

On August 9, 2016, Governor Kasich signed Executive Order 2016-04K authorizing the immediate adoption of rules creating an emergency notification process for oil and gas related emergencies, such as an uncontrolled fire or the release of natural gas, oil, brine, hazardous substances and other wastes at a production or processing facility. Under the rules, such emergencies are to be reported to ODNR’s Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management who will then coordinate statewide notification and responses.

The Executive Order expires in 120 days or upon the formal adoption of ODNR’s Incident Notification Rule, whichever occurs first. Additional information on ODNR’s implementation of the one-call emergency notification system, including the draft Incident Notification Rule, is available on ODNR’s website.

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