Helping Clients With Their Energy and Environmental Needs


Helping Clients With Their Energy and Environmental Needs

By: Kristin Watt, Kristin Woeste, Trevor Burba, and Brooke Zentmeyer

On July 12, 2023, USEPA released a Pre-Publication Notice of...

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Amendments to New Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Program

USEPA is already making changes to its new Lead Renovation Rule, which became effective April 22, 2010.  Today, EPA has eliminated...

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USEPA's Lead Renovation Rule Effective Today

USEPA’s new lead renovation rule becomes effective today. The rule will affect businesses involved in the management, leasing and...

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Helping clients with their energy and environmental needs

You can expect to find news and breaking legal developments involving the crude oil and natural gas industries, alternative and renewable energy resources, and the latest environmental issues.