Helping Clients With Their Energy and Environmental Needs


Helping Clients With Their Energy and Environmental Needs

By Greg Russell On October 27, 2009

Canadian Oil Sands

The president of the Center for American Progress is chastising Canada for substantial increases in greenhouse gas emissions due...

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We've noted previously the challenges faced by Canadian oil sands projects (see here, e.g.).  This NYT article reports that 18...

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This article from the NYT looks at renewed interest in Canadian oil sands production, with projects becoming economic at the $40...

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A new report by the Council on Foreign Relations suggests that development of Canadian oil sands will not lead to the climate...

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By Vorys On April 28, 2009

Nuclear Energy to Produce Oil

The NYT has an article on how nuclear power may be used to produce oil from oil sands in Canada.  Very interesting.

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Helping clients with their energy and environmental needs

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