Helping Clients With Their Energy and Environmental Needs


Helping Clients With Their Energy and Environmental Needs

Supreme Court of Ohio Rules Youngstown Anti-Fracking Measure Must Be Placed on the May 2018 Ballot

The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled yesterday that the Mahoning County Board of Elections must place a proposed city charter...

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Over the last several weeks, Ohio courts issued a few decisions involving oil and gas issues that we wanted to briefly mention:

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Last week, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision in Eclipse Res.—Ohio, LLC v. Madzia, concerning a...

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By Ilya Batikov On May 24, 2017

Lightning v. Anadarko

On May 19, 2017, the Supreme Court of Texas issued its long-awaited decision in Lightning v. Anadarko (see here for our earlier...

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Yesterday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation issued its findings on the use of high-volume hydraulic...

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Forbes reports on the “amazing” rise in natural gas production in the United States: “Shale gas today is nearly 50% of U.S. gas...

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In a Cleveland Plain-Dealer op-ed, Professor Robert W. Chase writes about the reasons that led to today's "remarkable shale...

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From the Star Gazette: "Fulfilling a campaign pledge, Gov. Tom Wolf signed an order Thursday banning new drilling leases on...

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Helping clients with their energy and environmental needs

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